Roving Mouse
book nest

In the olden days of physical bookstores, one of the pleasures of browsing (the kind you did using your feet) was the delight of spotting a book that had nothing to do with what you were looking for.

This bookstore is managed by a mouse. The mouse on your desk. Now, mice are notoriously bad at shelving books in alphabetical order, so this bookstore is probably the most poorly organized one you'll ever visit. But a mouse can climb 15-foot shelves quicker than you can stretch out your hand, and can get into all of the little nooks and crannies of the bookcases where long-forgotten books are hiding.

Let the mouse surprise you with what it finds as it crawls through the virtually dust-free shelves of this bookstore. Best of all, if you find something interesting, virtually any book you find here can be delivered to you in the real world, where you can read it.

Send the mouse over to the bookshelves on the left. Happy browsing!

The books were chosen arbitrarily, so no recommendation of any particular book is implied, nor were they screened in any way. These are trained mice on closed mousepads. All book orders are filled by® and are their sole responsibility. "Roving Mouse", the logo, and the mouse on the keyboard with spectacles are trademarks. Kids, don't try this on your home page. Use these numbers for comparison; your bandwidth may vary depending on ethernet conditions and your surfing habits. Web site ©1999 by Bob Kanefsky.