Mars Pathfinder rocks!

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Will humans touch any of these rocks someday?

Ant Hill Baker's Bench Bamm-Bamm Barnacle Bill Basket Boo Boo Boo Bosco Bullwinkle Cabbage Patch Calvin Casper Chimp Cradle Desert Princess Dilbert's Boss Dragon Duck Flat Top Flipper Flute Top Frog Froggy Garak Geordi Ginger Gromit Half Dome Hamster Hardstop Hassock Hedgehog Hobbes Janeway Jazzy Jiminy Cricket Kitten Lamb Left Die Little Flat Top Lozenge Lumpy Lunch Box Marvin Matterhorn Mermaid Dune Middle Die Mint Julep Moe Mohawk Mouse Mudmole Otter Pancake Photometry Flats Picnic Piglet Pinky Pinnochio Piper Platypus Poohbear Pumpkin Pyramid Pyramid Point Ratbert Ren Right Die Rocky Rye Bread Sandworm Sausage Scooby-Doo Shaggy Shark Snoopy Snowy Soufflé Spock Spud Squash Squid Stack Stimpy Stripe Tigger Valentine Wallace Wedge Woody Yogi
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Credits: Mars Pathfinder science team, University of Arizona, JPL, and NASA Ames. Go here if you want to download the whole image.