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Since the May 1999 inception, the 5.11 million participants have processed two billion work units,* which required about three sextillion calculations and two million CPU years.
Three-day trend:
CPUs, WUs, and signups; see description
Five-hour average:
(as of 30-Aug-2004, 13:58 UTC)

Long term averages:
Twenty-four-hour average:395,2561,410,693 (238 THz, 638%)86
Forty-six-hour average:382,1581,367,433 (230 THz, 618%)95
Seven-day average:397,3271,414,624 (238 THz, 640%)87
Four-week average:380,9671,345,499 (227 THz, 608%)82
Thirteen-week average:395,2891,371,319 (231 THz, 620%)81
Sixty-three-month average:391,168807,271 (136 THz, 365%)37

Twelve-week trend:
CPUs, WUs, and signups; see description

Twelve-month trend:
CPUs, WUs, and signups; see description
Estimated efficiency in giving WU's to clients non-redundantly: An efficiency of 50% means that the average WU is given to two different participants. Multiply by green figures to get effective progress. The estimate is based on
observed progress through tape names with each tape assumed to yield 140,000 work units.