Unix users can report their progress for the tape chart.

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Before the official server status page was set up in 2000, the only way anyone could get an overview of the tape progress was to pool the information. I have a system for doing this, and it's still in place. I'm still using it, although I'm now also tracking the splitter status, which gives nearly the same information (which tapes are being split, versus which ones are being distributed to clients). There are enough people sending me reports that all but four of the tapes have been reported by somebody, in the time since I started tracking both. There's room for more people to send reports, but don't inconenience yourself too much.

Anyone running SETI@home under Unix who would like to help me keep the tape chart up to date, please execute this command on occasion (sometime during each work unit -- many people do it with a daily chron script) from the directory in which you're running SETI@home:

If you're running S@h 1.3 or earlier:

   echo Received `\ls -l work_unit.txt | cut -c42-100`: `head -10 work_unit.txt | grep name=` | Mail seti-wu-names@roving-mouse.com
If you're running at SETI@home 2.0 or later, the suffix has changed. The following should work:
   echo Received `\ls -l work_unit.sah | cut -c42-100`: `head -10 work_unit.sah | grep name=` | Mail seti-wu-names@roving-mouse.com
The above will send just the name of your work unit to a special mailbox. Responses are collected and the aggregate results is eventually posted on these pages for everyone's information.

The responses so far have been a sufficiently large sample to maintain a reasonably complete chart, but more help is welcome. It's easy to do on Unix; I no of no way to automate it for Windows or Macs, but a large sample would be overkill anyway -- to find out what's in the water, it only takes a test tube, not a tanker truck.

I hope no one sends any falsified work unit names that I have to weed out manually. I've got some ideas on how to filter them automatically, but I'd rather spend the time adding new content to this site.

Questions or comments? seti-wu-questions@roving-mouse.com